Why, why, why?

Because I always begin by asking a series of whys, or why-nots, and it doesn't hurt that my initials are why-why-why. 

I believe good design comes from designing without borders. Why shouldn't we be free of artificial divides when everything is inextricably linked? With education and experience in business and design, I take interest in a broad range of topics, and putting them in a blender.

I believe good design comes from looking closely everyday. Design has immense power to critique and dissolve complex and huge problems. And often, it simply takes a series of small, targeted adjustments to make the big picture better. So I carry my microscope in my head all the time. Work and life are one the same, drawing from each other.

I believe good design comes from collaborating seamlessly. Being in orchestras for close to a decade, I know that it is possible for every instrument to express its own characteristics and still create something beautiful together. I see the shine in everyone I meet, and am equally happy being pianissimo and fortissimo.   


I can be reached at yingying.yang[at]yahoo.com