Ceiling Fan

I came across a very interesting article about ceiling fan designs by Christopher Teh. It is very common in China and Singapore for people to have ceiling fans at home, and all these 'modern' design fans did make me wonder about whether they were form over function. No more wondering - sometimes to be effective the form has to be extraordinary.


Serial Cannibal Albert Fish (1/2)

This short graphic story was based on a deeply troubled New York man named Hamilton Howard "Albert" Fish who lived in the early 20th century. His full story and known crimes can be read on wikipedia. The 16 frames laid out the last chapter of Fish's troubled life - the taking and cannibalization of Grace Budd, which resulting in his conviction and death penalty. 

I have always been intrigued (and terrified) by serial killers. Their psychopathy demonstrates what the human nature is capable of, and what could be lurking and manifesting in small ways in every person. Many, like Fish, often self-harm. For Fish, it was inserting needles into his body (29, to be exact), and burning himself. What could have been so wrong and tormenting in his mind that inflicting these pains actually makes him feel better? 

Taking ques from his last name Fish, I depicted Albert as a fish and Grace as another sea creature to create visual interest for the project. Shown in this post is the digital version of the frames. We also had to create a hand drawn version, which I truly struggled with, but more on that later. Looking at it 3 years on, I think I did a pretty good job in capturing the perverseness of the story. What do you think? 


This was a foundation project for 2D class with Ori Kleiner (who is one of the best, if the not the best professor I had at Parsons). 

The power of 0.01

I have been (secretly) quite a fanatic about productivity, reaching goals, and becoming a greater version of myself for a few years now. My instagram feed is filled with motivational quotes and my facebook homepage has been taken over by articles from Inc, Forbes, Entrepreneur and Fast Co. My new shiny twitter and LinkedIn accounts are following the same inspirational people who are the sources of said quotes and companies that are the stars of said articles. 

But that was exactly the problem - I spent way too much time researching and fantasizing, and too little time doing. To get my a** off the couch, I will be digging through years of dust to uncover forgotten projects to have clearer view of what fascinates and motivates me, and also what my strengths and weaknesses were/are.