east river table

experiential furniture for small space. 

  Brief  Design a table within 20"x30"x30" that has a CNC-routed component. /  Duration  6 weeks

Brief Design a table within 20"x30"x30" that has a CNC-routed component. / Duration 6 weeks

riding waves

Intrigued by the ever-changing East River during my one-year stay on Roosevelt Island, I set out to capture this effect in my first ever CNC project. Beginning with this idea, and research about existing CNC projects, the overarching question emerged:  Why does a table surface have to be completely flat? 


Double Duty

Living in New York also meant small living spaces. I had 4 other roommates and mostly use the living room for my own work. Being able to stow away furniture and retrieve them only when needed would be a desirable feature. But collapsibility is not an uncommon feature in the furniture market, and keeping a beautiful wood piece in a hidden corner or in an unsightly manner is such a pity.


Geometry exercise

Much of the design process involves achieving the right angles in the legs so that they remain out of sight when the table is hung on the wall. Fabricating them accurately involved creating a series of jigs. 

A New Horizon

A flat table surface dictates the design of table-top objects, and thereby the user's interaction with it. If the surface provides stability to forms that are unstable on a flat surface, it would invite new forms of interaction with the furniture. A balancing game? Or perhaps collect some bouncy balls.