egg hop

Toaster pan to make nutritious breakfast in a flash.

  Brief  Design an innovative kitchen product  / Duration  2 months

Brief Design an innovative kitchen product / Duration 2 months

No time no problem

Skipping breakfast is one of the many unhealthy habits that time-strapped city dwellers have developed to enjoy more shut-eye before each day’s challenges. 

Egg Hop completely eliminates the hassle of watching the stove, and therefore, a significant barrier to preparing a nutritious egg breakfast. A simple, nutritious egg on toast can be ready within the time taken to brush one’s teeth.  


Details of every component are considered through research and/or testing. For instance, it was found that using mica significantly speed up the cooking process which is necessary for the shorter cooking time in the toaster as compared to the traditional stove. 


Designed for Mass Market

Packaging for Egg Hop is designed for easy assembly and disassembly, while making it easy to understand at one glance for consumers who are new to the concept. Detailed instructions are found on the back of the packaging.